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a sampling of what makes us
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Office Moving Systems, Inc.
Cartersville, GA
"Words really cannot explain
how I feel about the incredible
job that you've done."
Ed Katz, president

UV Swimsuits & Swimware
Lake Worth, FL
"Wow! The home page is so
funny and cute. The colors are
cheerful and eye-catching.
My first reaction is I love it!"
Dawn Maise, president

Vic's Moving & Storage
Kansas City, MO
"I love the site!!! Looks great!! ...received much good feedback...You are the best!"
Richard Bitterman, president

Gary Overacre
Marietta, GA
"The website has been really
working to land jobs lately. It's
been the best money I ever
spent in the way of promotion."
Gary Overacre, illustrator

The Art of Love
Marietta, GA
"Dear Web Goddess,..."
Debbie Rankin, energy coach

Georgia Tent & Awning, Inc.
Atlanta, GA
"Outstanding!! Great job...I am really excited about georgiatent.com! Bravo,
Gary Mescher, General Manager

Why hire Franklin-Sarrett Publishers? Because our goal is to make you wildly successful.

We specialize in small business publicity, publishing, and creating media moguls, a totally logical combination, though we know of no other company offering a similar circle of services. We publish books (award-winning ones, too), although we do not solicit manuscripts, and we publish web sites that attract visitors and turns them into new customers.

We promote the activities of our clients, our products, and our services through both new media - web sites and e-mail - and old media channels including traditional outlets such as newspapers and magazines. Our process creates a tight, little circle of promotional activity that feeds on itself, grows, becomes stronger, and -- crashing cymbals go here -- actually produces the “business” it’s suppose to.

Our clients are different, too. We cater to a variety of small businesses on the grow. They recognize and appreciate the benefits of a long-term commitment to publicizing their business. They also appreciate that their business future is "on the internet” and that a web site is pure publicity and the best-value promotional and customer relations management tool ever invented. They like value and quality wrapped in highly personal, responsive service.

If we build it, they will come.

We believe web sites that are creative, informative, entertaining, and easy to navigate create the best environment for getting "the right" response from visitors. Everyone with a web site is a media mogul and free to promote their business any way they want. We help you do it by developing a creative place to browse then generate traffic with strategically placed publicity in more traditional media outlets. Targeted e-mails and regular updates of lively content produce repeat visitors. We develop custom designs that enhance each client’s corporate image and functions to make the cash register riing, not languish as a “necessary expense” with an undefined role.


Our books are different. We publish both fiction and nonfiction tailored to narrow market segments. Our newest title released in March of 2004, Move Your Business (Without Becoming A Moving Target) by Ed Katz is the consumate guide for companies planning a move.

Office Moving for Movers, is an industrial-strength manual for operators of moving companies. It’s author and recognized guru of office moves worldwide, Ed Katz, also wrote Commercial Relocation: A Comprehensive Guide for Service Buyers and Industry Professionals, which won book of the year in 1999 from the International Facility Management Association.

Our first children’s title, Welcome to Georgia, Kids!: A Collection of Stories and Art by Georgia’s Children got then Gov. Zell Miller’s attention; he tapped each contributor with the unprecedented designation of Young Ambassador for Georgia.

Moonlight Through The Pines: Tales From Georgia Evenings delights children of all ages. In his first work of fiction, renowned outdoor writer Jimmy Jacobs recalls the tall tales and folklore and his own outdoor adventures as a boy growing up in Georgia. For Moonlight Through The Pines, Jacobs was nominated for author of the year in 2000 in the short stories and anthologies category by the Georgia Writers Association.

Bulletproof News Releases Second Edition by Kay Borden, our flagship publication from way back in 1994, is in it’s third printing and has been lauded for its “practical, no-holds-barred advice” for small business from 150 American media professionals. The updated second edition was released in mid-2002.

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