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Office Moving for Movers
2002/Ed Katz

60 Pages • 50 Photos • Spiral-bound
8.5 x 11


“Unique marketing and operational weapons.”

Internationally recognized as the authority on office moving, Ed Katz has finally compiled 24 years in the commercial moving business into the how-to manual every mover has always wanted.

What Will I Learn?

• Marketing Methods That Set You Apart

“ us an edge over our competition...just booked my largest office move ($80,000)...” Manly Ray, Ray Moving & Storage, Inc., Greensboro, NC

• How to Profits by Retaining Current Customers

“...close to 75% of our sales come not from my solicitations, but rather through the greatest sales method ever imagined ... word of mouth! We are not pressed like every other mover to submit the lowest bid because the customer understands the significance...” Eric S. Callahan,Vice President, Hoffman Office Moving Systems, Ramsey, New Jersey

• How to Collect What You Bill

“...your system has been directly accountable for over $ 500,000 in retained office moving revenues...” Doug Piersant, Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Chipman Corporation, Buena Park, CA

• How to Manage and Prevent Damage and Worker's Comp Claims

“Two men can safely, easily, and quickly do the work of six or eight men without all the sweat, swearing and minor injuries associated with such a job.” Owen Purcell, Facilities Coordinator, MONY Financial Services, Mutual Life Insurance Company of New York, Purchase, NY

• Plus Security & Theft Protection, Ed’s Famous Office Moving Job Estimating Formula Revealed for the First Time - how many men and how many trucks for how long, AND as a bonus, Telephone Estimating Formula for Residential Moves.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1
Market Consistently Everyday
Building managers, your new best friend
Power networking

Chapter 2
Profits in Retaining Customers
Commit to keeping the client
Identify client profiles
Adapting to changing demands
Ask for feedback

Chapter 3
How To Collect What You Bill

Chapter 4
Manage & Prevent Claims
Break a, I mean how not to
The "boxless" move
Moving glass can be a shattering experience
The art of moving paintings
File this under moving cabinets
Do as I say, not as I did

Chapter 5
Security & Preventing Theft

Plus Bonus Samples
Marketing Flyers
Order for Service
Client Instructions
Inventory Sheet
Calculating how many men and how many trucks for how long
Security Poster
Telephone House Move Estimate Formula


"I received the book yesterday; it is exactly the sort of thing I was looking for."
Yuri Tricys
Office Move Direct
Vancouver British Colombia, Canada

"Ed: I received a copy of your new book; it was great and will help us book more business."
Jay Wallis
Berger Allied
Louisville, KY

"Thanks Ed. Received your Office Moving for Movers - enjoyed studying your procedures."
Russ Pogue
Pasco, WA

About the Author

Ed Katz

Almost thirty years ago when Ed Katz founded Peachtree Movers in Atlanta, GA, he moved furniture like every other mover. And heard the same complaints.

Moving means packing and unpacking and everyone hates it. Besides the drudgery and inevitable lost and mixed-up files, productivity comes to a complete standstill effectively putting the business out of business. To add insult to injury, the mover damages walls, floors, and furniture getting to the truck. Haphazardly stacked on the moving van, many items such as glass, framed art work, and computers undergo a beating in transit and emerge at the new location marred or broken, sometimes worse. After the move, the customer feels as battered as his belongings.

Ed Katz took customer complaints seriously and began developing methods and tools to eliminate or minimize the grievances.

To minimize office disruption and downtime, he developed the Spider Crane® and Space Gobblers™ and began moving the contents in the furniture rather than the contents and the furniture. Wha-la, the "boxless" move was born. By virtually eliminating the costly downtime of packing, workers now had access to records and files practically up to the minute they're rolled out the door. Customers stayed in business and loved it.

To protect computers and other sensitive electronic equipment, Katz' Comp-U-Wraps® offer all the advantages of bubblewrapping at a fraction of the time and cost, and to minimize damage to building surfaces, his Mat-A-Door® doorway protector guards office doors, glass entry doors, and lobby-side elevator entrances and adjacent walls.

Ed Katz has changed the way businesses move. His innovations have been featured in the Wall Street Journal and have brought him international recognition as the guru of office moves. He realized early on that office moving is a service; give businesses superior service and they'll be back. Minimize the disruption, damage, and downtime normally associated with moving -- let them stay in business -- and moving becomes a painless experience.

Only Ed Katz could successfully put together Office Moving for Movers, the book every moving company operator has always wanted. For more, visit the Office Moving Resource Center at

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