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Seems just about everyone has a book in need of a publisher, and every publisher receives the same questions. What kind of books do you publish? How do I start?

Although we do not solicit manuscripts for publications, we do offer a little advice when asked. Finding a publisher is actually quite simple; contact companies that publish the same type of material you have to offer and tell them who will buy it and why. Remember, this is business so develop a proper book proposal to submit along with your manuscript. On page 5 of the July 1991 issue of Writer's Digest is an excellent article on how to write a book proposal. You will need Adobe Acobat Reader to view it. It's a free download.

Visit the reference section of the library and sit down with Literary Marketplace. It's a very large book full of publishers looking for new material. For instance, if you have a book about pets, look in the section where publishers of pet books are listed. Many will offer guidelines for submitting manuscripts, but the most important piece of information you will provide is who will buy your book and why.

If you're really serious, read Dan Poynter's The Self-Publishing Manual. You may not want to publish your own book but you'll get an insight into the role the publisher will play in your project.

If you have good material and the fortitude to stick with the search, you'll find the right publisher.